Forest Therapy Guide Training

California - Cohort 27

With Founder Amos Clifford

Weeklong Intensive 7 - 14 Jul 2018 | Practicum Ends 14 Jan 2019

Join us on 3,900 acres of oak woodlands, Coastal Redwood groves, and more at one of the most beautiful parks in Northern California. Sugarloaf Ridge State Park is our home site for researching and leading Shinrin-Yoku and forest therapy walks We are intimately familiar with the landscape, the trails, and the bioregion. ​Participants will also experience Quarry Hill Botanical Gardens. Quarry Hill is one of the pre-eminent Asian botanical gardens globally, featuring one of the largest collections of documented, wild-collected Asian plants in the world. It is place of delightful discovery, with each bend in the trail bringing new surprises. 

What is Certified Forest Therapy Guide Training?

This six-month training begins with a week-long immersion, which is followed by a field practicum consisting of a series of structured assignments completed over a series of six months. During the practicum trainees are supported by mentoring via phone or Skype and by monthly group conference calls with other participants in their cohort. Completion of a detailed curriculum is required for certification as a Certified Forest Therapy Guide (CFTG).

The Association's Forest Therapy Guide training draws on the latest medical research, new developments in the field of nature connection, and ancient traditions of mindfulness and wellness promotion. In this training you will learn skills that are applicable in any forest ecosystem or bioregion. They can be adapted to other natural settings besides forests, and are also effective in human-built environments such as city parks and botanic gardens. They can be readily integrated with health promotion, psychotherapy, social work, recreation, nature education, employee wellness programs, conservation efforts and many other specialties.

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Sugarloaf Ridge State Park
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Your Trainers for This Event

Amos Clifford, Founder & CEO

Amos Clifford is the founder of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs. A student of Buddhist philosophy for over 20 years, Amos founded Sky Creek Dharma Center in Chico, California, where he emphasized the importance of meditation practice in wild places. Amos is also widely known for his work in restorative justice. He is founder of the Center for Restorative Process, where he has led the inquiry into how the principles of restorative justice can inform ways to heal the broken relationships between humans and the more-than-human world of nature. Amos holds a BS in Organization Development and an MA in Counseling from the University of San Francisco.

Ben "Crow" Page

Ben ‘Crow’ Page is a certified forest therapy guide, council carrier and alternative educator based in Los Angeles. He is the founder of Shinrin Yoku LA, an organization dedicated to transformative nature therapy and contemplative practice in the wild. Since his practice began, Ben has been featured in such publications as Women’s Health, USA TODAY, Good Morning America, The Washington Post, and WebMD. Ben is the Director of Training for the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy as well as a trainer and mentor of guides. Ben is also a co-founder of The Open School, Southern California’s only free democratic school. He holds a B.A. in religious studies from Carleton College and an M.A. in human development and social change from Pacific Oaks College.

Pamela Wirth

Tuning in with Nature is a simple and rejuvenating experience. It can be enjoyed in many different life situations. Whether smelling the fresh air after a rainfall, seeing a tree resplendent in its fall colors or tasting a ripe and juicy apple, it is easy to enjoy an energizing, refreshing moment of connection with the aliveness of Nature! I spent much of my childhood in the “undeveloped” spaces and woods just beyond my family’s home and found unlimited opportunities for discovery, play and adventure. Now, as a guide, I delight in sharing the simple, healthful practice of Forest Bathing in the beautiful natural places everywhere I am. 

“Pamela is a wise and skilled facilitator who keeps things moving along while really tuning into the pace and needs of the group. Her instructions are very clear and well expressed and she creates a safe space for people to connect with themselves. Her choice of location was fabulous (redwoods!). Forest bathing is a process in which one can slow down, really connect with nature and get guidance and comfort from nature. It is a great way to de-stress!”
- A.Herold 

“Pamela has a wonderful presence that opens the door to inner and outer access to present moment experience. Our walk was a journey that took us to many places. A great way to quiet down and slow down.”
- M.Stusser

Isabel Verdauer