Pamela Wirth
Sebastopol, California, USA; Freiburg, Germany

Tuning in with Nature is a simple and rejuvenating experience. It can be enjoyed in many different life situations. Whether smelling the fresh air after a rainfall, seeing a tree resplendent in its fall colors or tasting a ripe and juicy apple, it is easy to enjoy an energizing, refreshing moment of connection with the aliveness of Nature! I spent much of my childhood in the “undeveloped” spaces and woods just beyond my family’s home and found unlimited opportunities for discovery, play and adventure. Now, as a guide, I delight in sharing the simple, healthful practice of Forest Bathing in the beautiful natural places everywhere I am. 

“Pamela is a wise and skilled facilitator who keeps things moving along while really tuning into the pace and needs of the group. Her instructions are very clear and well expressed and she creates a safe space for people to connect with themselves. Her choice of location was fabulous (redwoods!). Forest bathing is a process in which one can slow down, really connect with nature and get guidance and comfort from nature. It is a great way to de-stress!”
- A.Herold 

“Pamela has a wonderful presence that opens the door to inner and outer access to present moment experience. Our walk was a journey that took us to many places. A great way to quiet down and slow down.”
- M.Stusser

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California - Cohort 27
Forest Therapy Guide Training
July 7, 2018
Sugarloaf Ridge State Park

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