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Join ANFT Certified Guides on a Virtual Forest Therapy Walk

Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Certified Forest Therapy Guides are offering virtual forest therapy walks during this time when most of us have been ordered to shelter-in-place. These walks are opportunities to connect to others, self, and if possible, the More than Human World—plant, animal, rock, sky, river, ocean, human, virus, the weak among us and the strong, the visible and the invisible. Perhaps this will provide an opportunity to listen to our own hearts, to remember how much we want to be alive, and to contemplate the love that binds us all together.  

In times of fear, it can be easy to forget our connectedness, to recoil from the world in an attempt to numb ourselves. These are the times when the spirit and the heart of Forest Therapy is needed most. Whatever happens in the next few months, we hope that you will continue to reach towards connection. If these times are a threshold, let us cross it together, with each other and with the More than Human World.

Gratitude Offering
Maybe to offer gratitude to your guide, you could write a recommendation on their profile. Click here to go to the Guide Directory, enter your guide's name in the Search box, click on their card, then click on the Recommendation button and add your testimonial.

Getting Started

Most virtual forest therapy walks will be using Zoom.
Click here to Download the Zoom App for your phone.
You can join using a phone or internet connection. To find the walk in your timezone, click here to access World Time Buddy.


For those able to be outside, we suggest that you dress appropriate for the weather and maybe a little warmer than usual since you will be moving slowly and possibly sitting on the ground. Having a small mat, bag, or cushion to sit on can also be nice.

For those of you inside, may we suggest sitting near a plant(s) and/or a window with a view outside, if possible. Guides will be sharing their view, so you can "experience" the outdoors through your screen as well.

Group Etiquette

Please practice Group Etiquette by keeping your phone on mute unless invited to share. In the bottom left corner of your screen, there is a little microphone. Click on it to mute or unmute yourself.

In order to ensure the best experience for everyone, please commit to fully participating while you are on the group call and refrain from answering texts or emails.

ANFT DISCLAIMER: To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, ANFT shall not be liable for any harm, damages or other losses resulting from your participation in a virtual forest therapy walk conducted by independent certified forest therapy guides.