Shadowcliff Mountain Lodge
Colorado, USA

Shadowcliff is a down to earth, non-profit mountain sanctuary and retreat center that fosters connection not only between different people, but allows people to connect with both themselves and the environment as well. Described as being reminiscent of a comfortable, grown up summer camp, Shadowcliff offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains and Grand Lake, which is less than a ten minute walk away. This retreat center offers trainees a chance to explore the nearby lake, streams, and multitude of trails that wind up into Rocky Mountain National Park with the knowledge that they have a comfortable, joy-filled, and warm lodge to return to. The land surrounding Shadowcliff is described as majestic and awe-inspiring, and with the fall colors of September, should be a wonderful location for forest therapy.

100 Summerland Park Road, Grand Lake, Colorado 80447

Participants will be staying in the lodges at Shadowcliff, which offer triple, double, and single rooms. There are a limited number of single rooms dependent on the number of participants, and so will not be available until a closer date to the training.

Prices are as follows, and include meals:

$75 for a shared triple room

$90 for a shared double room

$120 for a private single room

Rooms at Shadowcliff are rustic, but comfortable. Both the Cliffside Lodge and Rempel Lodge offer lounges and fireplaces, as well as spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. The Rempel Lodge, where the majority of people will be staying, is a chalet-style alpine lodge that sits between the mountains and lake, and right above the North Inlet Stream, which murmurs throughout the day, and also offers a library for downtime. Most rooms have a queen sized bed and then one or two bunk beds. Rooms will be allocated so that no one will be sleeping on the top bunk of any bed.

There are also cabins available, which cost $120 a night and do not include meals. It’s possible that, if you arrange it with other participants directly, these cabins could be shared.

Linens and towels will be provided at no additional cost. There is wi-fi on site, as well as games, fireplaces, and firepits available.

Food prices are built into the prices of accommodations, listed above. There are also fully equipped kitchens available to the participants in both of the lodges. Shadowcliff will also provide tea and coffee at no extra charge.

Meals are mostly vegetarian, but meat will be served every other day or so. Additional meat dishes can be bought at an extra charge. Shadowcliff tries to source seasonal, local, organic food when possible. They will typically require two volunteers to help clean up per meal. Extra hot breakfasts cost $5 per person, per meal. Extra meat to meals costs $5 per person, per meal.  

For day use guests, daily meal passes cost $40.  

All dietary restrictions and activity requests must be made 14 days before the event start date. Shadowcliff will try to accommodate any late requests, but cannot guarantee that they will be able to.

Denver is a 2.5-3 hour drive away and Boulder is a 2.5 hour drive away. There are shuttles available that go to Grand Lake, CO, which is a 3-minute drive from the lodge, as well as Greyhounds that stop at a city around 20 minutes away. There are taxi services available in Grand Lake as well.

For venue information contact:
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