Osmosis Spa, California
Freestone, California

Osmosis Day Spa is a relaxing retreat in Freestone, California, where guests can experience a number of wellness services including massage, facial, cedar bath, and combination packages. The grounds have a zen garden built by the former Abbot of San Francisco Zen Center, secluded pagodas, a salmon creek, and a walking trail.

209 Bohemian Highway, Freestone, CA 95472


No lodging is available at this venue. The spa partners with several local hotels and Bed & Breakfasts, and offers combination packages.


The spa offers box lunches with some of its service packages. The website is not specific about what the lunches consist of, but more information can be obtained by contacting Osmosis.


No transportation services are available. Guests must arrange their own transport.

For venue information contact:
Michael Stusser | 707.823.8231 | michael@osmosis.com