Dharma Mountain

Dharma Mountain is a meditation and freedom resort dedicated to helping people to slow down and rediscover their inner peace. Set in the midst of meadows, forestland, a small lake, and a beautiful river, it offers its inhabitants a chance to find a private corner of the land to rest and discover the natural beauty of Norway.

Dharma Mountain offers simple, comfortable accommodations in its cabins, meadowland for those who wish to camp, and a panoramic mountain view no matter where you stay. It also has a sauna available for rent. Dharma Mountain offers an early bird special until April 10th, 2019 for people who are staying in the cabins, so we recommend that you book your rooms soon after you confirm your enrollment.

Dharma Mountain AS Hedalsvegen 1220 3528 Hedalen Norway

Participants have the option to stay in a cabin or camp, with camping as a less expensive option.

Each cabin has 2 bedrooms, a kitchen equipped with the basics, and a full bath. Participants have the option of either booking a single room or staying in shared accommodations, which means that they can share a double room or sleep in the semi-private loft in the common space. Should participants want to store their belongings in the room, but sleep in the common space, that is okay too. Each bedroom has unattached bunks (pictured) with a larger bottom bunk.

Campers will have access to the main house facilities, and will need to bring their own camping equipment.

Meals are included with the pricing of both cabin and camping accommodations.

Pricing is for the entire length of the training:

Early bird special until April 10th, 2019

5800 NOK for shared room/loft

7060 NOK for single room

4400 NOK for camping

Normal pricing after April 10th, 2019

6400 NOK for shared room/loft

7660 NOK for single room

4400 NOK for camping

Linens and towels can be provided for 190 NOK.

The cost of meals are included with the price of accommodations. They include breakfast, a packed lunch each day, and dinner. Tea will be served in the morning and evening.

Please note that meals will be pescatarian.

Dharma Mountain is able to accommodate special diets, including gluten and lactose free. Participants should inform Dharma Mountain of their dietary needs when they make reservations, and no later than 10 days before the training begins.  

It takes approximately two hours from Oslo to drive to Dharma Mountain. You can look for instructions on how to get there through bus/train on their website here: http://dharmamountain.com/locationn/.

For venue information contact: 
(+47) 94 89 10 10