Dancing Deer
Central California

Dancing Deer is a stunning property of 40 acres, surrounded by a further 40 acres of land filled with oaks, hills, and meandering paths. The Hacienda House, where participants will stay, is a cozy but spacious hilltop home with plenty of room to relax and unwind after a day of training. The nearby meadows and woodlands invite people to wander through the quiet of the property and serve as a home to wildlife.

2975 Vineyard Drive

There are a number of common spaces and outdoor gathering spaces, which will ensure everyone has the downtime and space that they need during the training.

Double rooms are $85/night per person. Rooms shared with 4 people cost $75/night per person, and one media room with a pull out bed that will also cost $75/night. The media room also functions as a single room, but is considered common space because people must pass through it to get to their own rooms, and so the price is reduced.

There is only one single room available (which is not a common space) with a twin bed and a private bathroom, which will cost $115/night.

Reservations can be made with ANFT directly at admissions@natureandforesttherapy.org.

Meals will not be catered. There is plenty of space for participants to cook, however. There are two large refrigerators, expansive countertops, a commercial stove, and a BBQ outside. Trader Joe’s is a 6-minute drive away. We encourage communal cooking and the sharing of meals, but do not arrange for this.

Dancing Deer is around a 20-minute drive away from San Luis Obispo, and around a 2 hour drive away from Fresno International Airport. We will allow participants to sign up for rideshares if they'd like, but will not be responsible for coordinating it.

For venue information contact: