Community of the Great Commission

Community of the Great Commission is settled on a ridge between the forks of the American river. Offering breathtaking views of the Crystal Range mountains, CGC rests on 428 acres in the Sierra Nevada Foothills with towering pines, panoramic views all around, and wide, easy paths. The land at this venue is perfect for forest therapy and is a beautiful place to bathe in the autumnal light streaming between the branches, but is also a place of excitement, discovery, and fresh air.

Community of the Great Commission offers the Claar house, as well as camping. The Claar house boasts of beautiful natural light, a large meeting space, and a fireplace that keeps the house warm and cozy. Accommodations are humble but comfortable, and there will be a large kitchen for midnight snacks. Rooms in the Claar House will be shared, and vary from 2-4 people maximum.

Those who choose to camp will have access to the facilities at the Claar House, but will need to bring their own camping equipment.

The cost to stay 7 nights in the Claar House, with all meals paid, will be $800.

The cost to tent camp 7 nights on the property, with all meals paid, will be $425.

If you have been accepted and enrolled into our program, you can make your reservation and payment for your accommodations through

Meals will be catered, nourishing, and are included with the cost of accommodations. Community of the Great Commission is able to accommodate special dietary needs as long as they are given at least 30 days notice. All questions and dietary needs can be communicated to directly.

There are also cooking facilities in the Claar House for those who would like to snack during the day or want to bring something special with them.

Community of the Great Commission is approximately an hour and twenty minutes from Sacramento International Airport. Reception isn't strong on the road to the retreat center (but the views are incredible), so we recommend writing or printing our directions beforehand if needed.

For venue information contact: