Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre
Carp, Ontario, Canada

Conveniently located just 45 minutes from Ottawa International Airport, Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre exemplifies the vision of a forest wellness center. ​Directed by Dr. Katherine Willow, N.D.,the Centre is a hub for a vibrant community of health and wellness practitioners. In addition to our acclaimed Forest Therapy Guide Training Program, participants will have the option to book and participate in additional wellness services, such as massage, reiki, yoga, meditation, and more (note: these services available by private arrangement, not included in tuition or lodging).

Carp Ridge EcoWellness Center is set on 196 acres of land that includes forest, wetlands, the rocky Carp Ridge, a pond, and mowed lawns for leisure activities. Trails marked with blue and yellow triangles weave through the forest, offering you several kilometres of walks. Proximity of the woodland to the B&B means you can take regular dips into the natural world, which will suffuse you with the smells of earth, the sounds of birds and insects, and the serenity of this beautiful land. In the Spring, pick wild blueberries, catch frogs, or walk alongside the creek!

4596 Carp Road, Ottawa (Carp), K0A 1L0, Ontario, Canada


There are a limited number of rooms, cabins, and tents available for rent. Camping is also available for those who bring their own equipment. All prices listed below are in CAD and include breakfast.

B&B shared rooms cost $120/day + tax

Strawbale cabins: $65/day + tax

Painted cabins: $65/day + tax

Prospector Tents: $85/day + tax (these include composting toilets)

Camping with your own gear: $45/day + tax. Staff at the centre will direct you to a spot.

The closest alternative accommodations are around 20 minutes away by car in Kanata.  ​Off-site participants are urged to adhere to the daily schedule, and to take special care to show up promptly in the morning 15 minutes before the scheduled start. Please let us know in advance if you will be staying off-site.

The B&B policies are available for review at


Our meals are carefully designed to be utterly delicious and super healthy, with seasonal, local and organic ingredients, including delicacies wild-crafted from our woods and meadows.  Guests may choose from vegan and lacto-ovo vegetarian dishes for breakfast, adding in healthy meat, fish and poultry for optional lunches and dinners. We are well versed in accommodating food sensitivities, please see the registration form.

If you are coming for a healing stay, your diet will be therapeutically designed to meet your needs along with you or your referring health practitioner if you have one.

We have been feeding people healthy meals for years with delighted feedback. Repeated comments are that people didn’t know how wonderful food could be without animal products and how good it makes them feel.

Breakfasts are included in the overnight cost; lunches and dinners are available if ordered ahead.

We look forward to nourishing you — body, mind and soul!

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CREWC provides breakfast to those who are lodging with them.

Beverages: filtered well water; lemon water; an array of local, organic herbal teas (often foraged or grown on the property) as well as black and green tea; organic free-trade coffee (breakfast only); natural sweeteners (maple syrup, sucanat, honey, xylitol); dairy (raw, organic, grass-fed Jersey milk) and non-dairy milks; locally made kombucha; locally tapped maple sap

Whole grains: wheat and gluten-free breads; hot and cold cereals (oatmeal, rice cream, quinoa); home-baked muffins; buckwheat pancakes

Proteins: organic nut butters; baked beans; dried nuts and seeds; vegan and whey protein smoothies; local organic goat and cow cheeses; yogurt (dairy and non-dairy); local, organic eggs

Fats: coconut oil; organic butter; organic cream

Vegetables: grilled organic tomatoes; home-made tomato ketchup; home-grown sprouts; home-grown greens; fried potatoes; whole vegetable juices

Fruit: local, organic fruit in season; organic apple sauce; organic dried fruit; fruit salad; whole fruit smoothies

Other: dried seaweed; Herbamare salt; nutritional yeast; cumin; turmeric; cinnamon



Lunches are simple: hearty vegan soups for here or to go with sandwiches, raw veggies or salad, fruit and a small healthy sweet.  Beverages as above.

Lunch is available for $15.00/day + tax. All prices are in CAD. Both meals must be booked in advance so that the venue’s staff know how many meals to prepare.



Dinners are composed of similar ingredients with the addition of wild fish, organic poultry and grass-fed beef on occasion.

Dinner is available for $25.00/day + tax. All prices are in CAD. Both meals must be booked in advance so that the venue’s staff know how many meals to prepare.

If you have any questions about the food, please contact us.

CREWC uses mostly organic and local foods and enjoy picking vegetables from their garden in the summer months and wildcrafting in the forest.  They are able to accommodate a variety of diets, but must be told about any food allergies or preferences when people make reservations to ensure that they have adequate time to accommodate any changes.


Drive time from Ottawa to Carp Ridge EcoWellness Centre ranges from 30-45 minutes. Offsite lodging and commuting options available. 

For venue information contact:
Ellie Hanna, Booking Manager 613-839-1198 |