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The vision of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy is for forest therapy to become integrated into health care (traditional and integrative) systems as preventative therapy to reconnect people with themselves, and the more-than-human-world. We appreciate your support in sharing the work that ANFT and our certified forest therapy guides do around the world. To learn more about ANFT and forest therapy, schedule a forest therapy walk, or film an interview, please complete this form.

The ANFT Way of Forest Therapy

ANFT has developed a specific approach to forest therapy that is widely emulated around the world. Midway through 2020, we have trained over 1000 guides who are working in 55 different countries on six continents. In every cultural context, the ANFT framework for forest therapy is providing the right combination of foundational structure and open-ended creativity for the practice to take root.

Guides learn the ANFT framework and the theory, philosophy, and skills to teach the practice effectively. Just as importantly, they learn a core set of principles and values. A few of these are:

Featuring Amos Clifford, ANFT Founder

Featuring Ben Page, ANFT Director of Training