Member Pro Deals

Pro deals are deep discounts on outdoor gear exclusively for outdoor industry professionals. As an outdoor professional you provide the most authentic and effective form of marketing: personal knowledge and experience. You have the power to influence others, and because of this, brands are willing to offer you discounts on their products. These companies ask that you only purchase items for yourself and that you not tell others you have a pro deal account.

Click on the logos to be directed to the Pro Deal application page. ANFT cannot guarantee that you will be approved for a pro deal, but we can offer some assistance. One of our staff has applied and been approved for all of these pro deals using the ANFT email address and pay stub as evidence. For this reason we highly recommend that you use a business email that is linked to your forest therapy practice and, preferably, a website that shows you have an active forest therapy business. You will also be asked to upload a pay stub that shows you are employed by a company that aligns with outdoor guiding.

Here is an example of a description of your work that you can include in your application:
"I am a certified forest therapy guide leading public and private walks along trails on public and private land. Forest therapy guided walks are typically 2-3 hours with 5-15 people participating. We stress that nature is always open, you just need the right gear to enjoy it. Participants are requested to dress appropriately for the weather and terrain."

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