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Become a member of ANFT and join a global community of forest therapy guides. When you join, you will gain access to a multitude of benefits to support your professional and personal forest therapy practices, including marketing, advertising, and partnership opportunities. As an active member of an association working to professionalize and expand forest therapy around the world you’re voice to industry, government, and the public is amplified. Your membership includes our support to establish forest therapy guide best practices, increase professional credibility, develop collaborations and partnerships nationally and internationally, expand educational programming, and grow forest therapy into a familiar recognized practice.

Community Membership

Not an ANFT Forest Therapy Guide, but want to join our community? We offer three community membership levels for individuals or organizations interested in supporting the forest therapy movement. All revenue from community memberships fund forest therapy guide training scholarships for individuals from, or serving in, underserved communities. Please visit our Community Membership page to learn more and join!


When you join or renew your ANFT membership, 5% will be donated to OneTreePlanted, a nonprofit organization that plants trees on 4 continents around the world: North America, South America, Africa, and Asia focusing on wildfire restoration, biodiversity and habitat expansion, agroforestry, food security and social impact, and watershed maintenance. $1 plants 1 tree. Let's plant thousands together!

Began May 2019

3 Levels of ANFT Membership

Level 1

Level 1 Membership is for Guides who have completed their Practicum and are Certified. When guides have completed the one week ANFT forest therapy guide training intensive they are given a free Level 1 Guides-in-Practicum membership with access to the Member Library, Guided Walk Reports, and Professional Development Calls. Once certified, guides-in-practicum are upgraded to Level 1 Certified Guide with full membership benefits. This is a FREE membership for one year from a Guide's training date.

Level 2

Level 2 Membership is designed to support forest therapy guides whose passion for forest therapy is currently more personal than professional. Guides will have a pin on the map, a member directory profile, and have access to the Member Library and Guided Walk Reports.

Level 3

Level 3 Membership is designed for forest therapy guides who are pursuing guiding as a professional practice or for guides who are interested in the many benefits included with this level.

A full profile displays a guide's contact information, about, images, and events. Guides have access to all member benefits, plus pro deals, professional development member calls, professional resources, Trail Certification consultant application, Trainer & Mentor application, and profile badges!

ANFT Forest Therapy Guide Certification and Wilderness First Aid or equivalent certification are required for Level 2 and Level 3 Memberships. For people who attended a training, but didn't complete the practicum to receive certification, we invite you to contact our Director of Practicum and Mentorship. Should you have questions about membership, please email member services.

Do you want a PIN on the Map?
When completing the membership application, the address you provide will be used for your pin on the Worldwide Forest Therapy Guide Map. Make sure this address is one that you are comfortable having publicly displayed. You may consider using the address of a park or trail where you often guide. Type your personal address in the "Mailing Address as it appears on mail" field. This is only used by ANFT. Once you enter all of your information and become a member, you will have the ability to control what information is available to the public or other members and what information is private. You will also have full access to your membership profile with the ability to update it as needed.

Need to RENEW? Click here to go to Manage Account. Login or if it is your first time logging in, then Request a Password, and use your new password to login. Make any updates to your profile, then click Renew, Upgrade or Update Billing. Choose your membership level and payment option, then enter your payment information and Submit. You can now access the Member Portal!