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When you join as a Community Member, at any level, your name or business name will be listed on this page to recognize your contribution. A link to this page is included on our scholarship application page, in scholarship announcement emails, and in the email to scholarship recipients. We would like our guides to know that they have the support of a broad community of people and organizations who believe in the benefits of forest therapy.

The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs recognizes that there are many ways in our society that challenge some people’s ability to fully participate in the opportunities that call to them. We believe that nature should be a place of healing, discovery and inspiration for all peoples, regardless of their background or the resources available to them. We continually strive to cultivate inclusion and diversity among our guides. In this spirit, the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs offers a limited number of full and partial tuition scholarships for forest therapy guide trainings to applicants who experience financial barriers to training programs like ours, and who demonstrate a strong potential for bringing forest therapy to communities and settings that open the doors for others to participate. You can read about our scholarship program here.

All memberships are for one year. To maintain your listing on this page, please consider renewing annually.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting our forest therapy guide scholarship program!

If you would like to contribute more than $1000, then please contact

Please note that the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs is not a charitable organization. Your donations may not be tax deductible.

Human communities, like forests, thrive on diversity.
The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs is committed to creating and sustaining a welcoming, equitable, and inclusive environment for new guides, participants and contributors from all cultures and backgrounds. We strive to be a place of belonging for all people interested in cultivating healthy relationships within human communities and the natural world.

Community Sponsors

Forester John Essential Oils


Holistic Ocean

Nordic Brotherhood Sussex

The Vintage Homesteader

Wood Joiners

Barry Richmond

Hannah McCormick

Karen Schweiger

Conrad Satala

Ileana Cahen

Molly McBride

Denise Dillon

Jacque Hansen

Quentin Dunne

Gemma Warren

Juko Martina Holiday

Shirley Oetheimer

Beverley Rhinesmith-Pape

Anne Caroline Frey

Eric Peterson

Alice Leonard

Edward Baldwin

Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership


Above and Beyond Family Recovery Center
Alexandra Lowry    
Ariana Waynes       
Center for Nature and Leadership    
Centro Holastico para el Bienestar de la  Salud Mental    
Christina M Derrick    
Christine Willis    
El Solad'Ares    
Elizabeth Beachy    
Finding Mindful Now   
Harry Stathis
 Heddie Leger
Heidi Britt Mullican

Joris Gjata  
Kathryn Eichholz
Linda Desmet
Magnolia Holistic Healthcare    
Marc Farrow   
Maria Tadic    
Melissa Winslade    
Peter Cole    
Rafael Aguilar Martanez    
Ronald Rowe    
Stephanie Wisbeski    
Sunny Sabbini
Terry Brazeau
Tia H Ho  
Viviane Rachinski


A Gougeon    
Adnohr - The Real Assistant    
Agneta Lundberg  
Alastair Macdonald  
Alexandra Cummings
Amanda Bond    
Amy Witt    
Ana Turk    
Andrew Kuhn  
Angela Brown  
Angela Grogan Henehan
 Anne Dailey    
Art Wanders    

Awareness With Nature, LLC   
Baker Hill Farms
Carrie Blake    
Cathy Scott  
Christine Westra  
Christy Eidson  
Christy Pettit    
Clara Luxford    
Cloy Dellaripa    
Conn Fitzgibbon  
Danielle Burns  
David Mahlik Jr  
Deborah Wilk  

Deedee Panesar  
Denise Otani  
Desmond Lane  
Diane Hannemann  
Dorothy Wohlslagel  
Elizabeth Beasley
Elizabeth Muth  
Elyssa Pompa    
Emily Fuerste        
Erika Ober    
Erika Walker  
Everett Marshall  

Flying Pig Antiques and Collectibles
Freedom Through Sound    
Gary Abreim    
Gavin Van Horn  
Hannah Smith  
Harvey Stevens  
Hendrica Regez  
Henrik Hallgren    
hoi ki yuki yu    
Ian Williams    
Ingolf Gruen    
Iris Heusler  
Iris Kedmi  
J Gill    
Jennifer Karno

Jennifer Siedlecki  
Jennifer Slothower  
Jessica Volpentesta  
Jill Jakimetz    
Jillian Weisenbach  
Jim Garriock    
Joanne Stein  
Jonathan Seiling  
Julian Spalding    
Julie Andersen    
Julie Gosselin    
Julie Sczerbinski    
Karen Kuers    
Karen Ostrowski    
Karen Schmiing   
Karla Passalacqua  
KAStilwell Designs  

Katerina Pletner
Katherine Fleming
Kathleen Rosen  
Katherine Zadati
Kathy Miner
Kristen L Miller
Laurie McClain    
Laurie Owen   
Laurie Roberts
Leesa Nash    
Leighsa O'Shea    
Lennie Noiles    
Leslie Maitri    
Linda Stark  
Lindsey Wayland    
Lisa Caprina
Louise Williams   

Ludmila Hiekin    
Lynette Gilbert    
Lynn McLure
Lynn Springle
Magdalena Taraszka    
Margaret Jacobs    
Margaret Shafer    
Marilyn Matevia    
Marion Tansey    
Martha Marno Rose
Martha O'Hehir    
Melissa Cain    
Michael Andersen    
Michael Parker    
Michael Swords    
Michele Brueggen    
Michele Palmer

Michelle Wolff    
Michelle Wood    
Mindful Stress Solutions
Mirtha M Noyola 
Muhammad Ismail
Murphy's Forest Tours and Adventures in  Fly-Fishing  
Myriam Madigan    
Nancy Chitwood
Nancy Hayes    
Nicole Were    
Pam Guthrie    
Patrick McNulty    
Paula Gross    
Places Make People LLC    
Regina Jenkins    

Richard Strattan    
Runar Holen    
Russell Paynter
Sam Pratt     
Samuel Bromberg    
Sandy Fortin    
Sara Ross    
Sari Somersalmi    
Shahul Hameed    
Shelley Crabtree    
Sigal Ramon    
Sohie Dion    
Sonik Wheel Productions    
Surinder Bains    
Tamberly Conway
Tara Muenz  

Teresa Brown    
The Human Equation  Theodora Lindsey
Thomas Rossi    
Timothy Miles       
Tom Redmon
Tracy Geist    
Val Green    
Valerie Elliott    
Wholly Being    
William Fink    
Young Jin Kim