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As a member of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides & Programs you now have access to the Member Portal where you'll find resources to support your professional and personal practice as a Certified Forest Therapy Guide.  As an active member of an association working to professionalize and expand forest therapy around the world you’re voice to industry, government, and the public is amplified. Your membership includes our support to establish forest therapy guide best practices, increase professional credibility, develop collaborations and partnerships nationally and internationally, expand educational programming, and grow forest therapy into a familiar recognized practice.

Member Login & Manage Account

When you joined an email should have been sent with login information to access the member only area of the ANFT website. If you did not receive this email, then go to Member Login and click on Request Password. An email will be sent to you with a password. Once you are logged in, go to Manage Account to populate your profile with images, a tagline, a bio, and links to your social media accounts. This is also where you can choose what information is public and what is private. Think about how you want the public to contact you to make sure that phone or email is visible.

Member Portal

This is where you'll find the Member Library, Member Map & Directory, Forest Therapy Walks around the World Walk Reports, Member Event Calendar, Professional Development Resources, Pro Deals, and Consulting opportunities as a Trainer, Mentor and Trail Certification Consultant. Notice the Member Portal Navigation in the upper right corner just under the main image. Use this when you're in the member only area to navigate around.

Member Library

Access Research, Resources, Songs, Videos, Podcasts, and Tea Ceremony Photos.

Member Map & Directory

Connect with members from your cohort, or members in your area to organize community forest therapy gatherings. Spend some time writing your profile and tagline, upload some photos of your walks, and include links to your social media profiles. Your listing in the Member Directory is public and is how you will be found by people interested in scheduling a forest therapy walk or connecting. Make sure to have a way for both members and the public to contact you.

Forest Bathing International Magazine & Conference

Included with your membership is a one-year subscription to Forest Bathing International's digital magazine. The magazine was started to address the growing ecological movement towards a more sustainable, more abundant, and more compassionate future for all humans and the more-than-human world. It serves as a platform for guides, researchers, authors, businesses, and organizations to share personal experience, professional expertise, and everything in between. Members are encouraged to submit articles and to let us know if you've published a book, so we may share it.

The First Annual Forest Bathing International Conference will be hosted July 11th - 14th in Sonoma County, California. Connect with leaders in the industry to learn about research, best business and marketing practices, collaborative opportunities, resources, and connect with fellow guides from around the world.

Forest Therapy Walks around the World

Let people know that you're actively guiding walks by submitting a walk report. The public has access to this database and may use it to find a guide in their area. Plus, the walk reports are a great way to track your walks and provide a public record of your activity that a potential client can view. These reports may also be used by ANFT in the future, so we highly encourage you to make use of this tool.

Member Event Calendar (Level 3)

Post your public walks on the member event calendar, which is viewable and searchable by the public. Our website has great SEO (search engine optimization) and we're sharing our marketing power with our members to increase visibility of your events. When you post a public forest therapy walk or event on the calendar, it will also display on your profile. You can add a discount on your profile for people who find your walks on the ANFT website as a way to track the effectiveness of this tool.

Professional Development Resources (Level 3)

Join our Professional Development Monthly Member Calls which cover a variety of topics like business & marketing, nature connection and guiding. You have access to past recordings and the schedule for upcoming calls. These calls are filled with valuable information. Also included are special deals offered by businesses or organizations for services that support your success.

Pro Deals (Level 3)

Get major discounts on gear, clothing, shoes, water bottles, and more from professional companies that you likely already purchase from. These companies value your marketing power as a professional guide to display their logo as you lead walks and reward this by offering you discounts and amazing specials.

Trainer & Mentor Path (Level 3)

Are you feeling the call to become a trainer or mentor? This is a path available to select member guides that begins with an application and interview. Learn about this path to discover if you're ready, then complete the application. ANFT is expanding rapidly and in need of more mentors and trainers from all over the world to serve the public demand for trainings.

Trail Certification Consultant (Level 3)

ANFT has developed a process for certifying Forest Therapy Trails, Retreat Centers & Spas to increase awareness and to grow the practice of Forest Therapy. This also offers land managers a new marketing and programming opportunity. As a Trail Certification Consultant you will be trained to represent ANFT in the process of certifying trails and receive compensation for your services.

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