Manage Profile, Renew & Sign Out


Available to ANFT Certifeid Forest Therapy Guides:

Update your Member Directory profile with your bio, a tagline, images, business name & title, add a website, and social media links. Your profile is how the public and other members will find you and connect through a private messaging system, so take time to personalize it. This is a powerful marketing tool, so when you write your profile think about what people will want to read to contact you for a walk. Add photos of walks you have guided, of yourself in front of a trail head where you often lead walks, or with a resort or organization that you collaborate with. All of these promote your professionalism to the public. When you are interviewing for a guiding job, share the link to the Map & Directory to show that you are a member of a professional organization and have an active membership and listing.

If you prefer to Watch Videos on how to manage your membership and profile, then visit Membership Support.

First Time Logging In?

Click on Request a Password. Once you receive your password, sign in and you'll be taken to your About page where you can update your information and change your password. Once you complete this section, scroll down and click Save & Continue to move to your Profile section where you can update your business card, add images and a bio/profile. Level 3 members can continue to the Events tab to add images, description and links for any upcoming events.

Map Pin

In the About tab, you'll find your personal information. The Address line in your account is used to mark your pin on the map, so be sure this is an address you are comfortable displaying to the public. If you don't have a business address, then consider using the address of a favorite park or trail. Make sure your personal address is listed in the "Mailing Address as it appears on mail" field. This is only used by ANFT.  Note that if you choose to make your address private, then a pin will not display on the map, but your business card will still display. Within your profile you have the ability to keep certain information private by clicking circles next to privacy options. Anything private will remain in your profile, but will not display to the public in the directory.

Business Card

Find your Business Card under the Profile tab. Your business card is displayed in the public member directory. Add a logo or image and a tagline so it has a nice visual display. The ideal proportions for logos or photos being added to your business card are 6:1 for wide logos and 2:3 for tall logos.

Market your Walks

Level 3 members have an Events Tab where you can add an image, title and text promoting upcoming walks. You can change this as often as you like. When the public views the map, and selects your business card, they will see all of this information.

Renewal Date

You can now find your join date and renewal date in the Additional tab!

LEVEL 1 MEMBERS: When you upgrade your membership to Level 2 or 3, the system will give you a new renewal date, this is just a quirk for free memberships. Please send an email to after you have upgraded and your renewal date will be corrected.

Need to Renew?

Login or if it is your first time logging in, then Request a Password, and use your new password to login. Make any updates to your profile, then click Renew, Upgrade or Update Billing. Choose your membership level and payment option, then enter your information and Submit. You can now access the Member Portal!