Guide Gatherings

Adirondacks, NY Guide Gathering

May 15, 2020
5/15/2020 @ 6:00 pm - 5/17/2020 @ 12:00 pm
Adirondack Park, Paul Smiths, NY USA


Suzanne Weirich & Helene Gibbens


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ANFT Regional Councils

Regional Councils support the growth of Forest Therapy in particular regions of the world by cultivating guide communities, addressing region-specific questions, and representing the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy at regional conferences and events.


The ANFT European Council was created in April 2019 with the intention to create a support network for all European guides, certified and in practicum. Our aim is to listen to the needs of the guides and create the necessary tools to address these needs.

You can connect with us at

Monthly Newsletter

We issue a monthly newsletter with valuable resources, inspiration, upcoming events and conferences, recent research, tips and insights for guiding and other surprises. To receive our newsletter, make sure to add the European Council’s email to the contact list of your email provider to avoid it landing in your spam folder.

Newsletter #7 - January 2020

Newsletter #6 - December 2019

Professional Development Calls

Every month we hold two professional development calls that focus on core elements of Forest Therapy guide curriculum and best practices of guiding, networking and community building. You can find the schedule and themes of the calls on the Guide Portal.

Regional Calls

Because Europe is such a culturally diverse continent, in an attempt to keep our practice culturally neutral and adaptable to the realities of all the different cultures present in Europe, we have created five different regions: SouthernEurope, Scandinavian countries, Central and Eastern Europe countries, Germanic countries, UK & France.

Every month, we hold a regional call with each region where we address topics that are important to the guides of that particular region, networking and harvesting best practices. Last but not least, a very pleasurable part of these calls is that guides get to see and know each other.

European WhatsApp Group

The European WhatsApp group kicked off June 2019 and it is so heartwarming to meet guides that we have not met before and have the possibility to connect and share with so immediately. We guess we can say this is one of the perks of technology! If you haven’t joined already, please email us your telephone number at and we will add you.



To position forest therapy as an accessible and integral part of the medical and mental health organizations, eco-tourism and park systems in Canada. 


We believe in the health and wellbeing benefits of connecting people to nature. We mobilize and support Canadian ANFT forest therapy guides in a network to promote the benefits of guided forest therapy walks and to create partnerships to expand the impact of this work.

You can connect with us at

Volume 1 - Winter 2020

Regional Professional Development Calls

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This map displays guide members and guides-in-practicum. Use this map to connect with guides from your cohort or in your area, find your mentor or trainers to send a message. Only guide members who are current on their membership dues will display. Should you not be able to find someone, it is likely that they are not a current member. It is best to use the SEARCH BY LOCATION AND SEARCH BY COHORT. You can also put in a keyword like Mentor, Trainer, Trail Certification Consultant, or someone's name in the Search box.