Forest Therapy Immersions and Continuing Education for Guides

Forest Therapy Immersions serve three purposes:

They are an opportunity for anyone, with or without prior experience, to have a direct experience of the power of forest bathing. By coming to an immersion, you experience forest bathing in the context of other concepts and skills that are part of the training received by guides.

Because typically about half of participants in our immersions are trained guides, if you are considering training as a guide this a great opportunity to meet others who have done so, and to get their perspectives about the training.

If you are guide, Immersions are an opportunity for renewal and a deeper dive into one or more aspects of ANFT's acclaimed weeklong intensive training for guides. Beginning with guides trained by ANFT in 2019, there is an annual continuing education requirement to maintain ANFT certification. Any of our immersions will satisfy the requirement for continuing education.
Not taking registrations for immersions at this time. Please check back soon for Immersion themes Council of Waters and Trees, Way of the Guide, The Language of Invitation, Houses of the Heart, and Men's Immersion.