Trail Certification

Imagine a global network of Certified Forest Therapy Trails.

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ANFT Trail Certifier Training

Any certified Forest Therapy Guide that has completed the ANFT training and certification course is also eligible to become a ‘Trail Certifier.’ Trail Certifiers receive additional training to facilitate the process of trail certification on behalf of ANFT. The additional training module costs $300 USD; the cost associated with this training supports administrative staff in supporting trail certifiers with any and all questions and concerns in their process.

Trail certifiers are empowered to approach land managers with proposals for trail certification in one of two categories. First, they may help land managers design trails to support local guides in their work as forest therapy guides. Second, they may help land managers design trails that allow guests to perform self-guided forest therapy experiences. Many trails are eligible for certification including but not limited to spas, conservation areas, privately managed land, hospitals, public parks, arboreta and botanical gardens.

The benefits to land managers include increased exposure through their presence on the ANFT global map of certified trails and advertising through the Forest Bathing International digital magazine. Trail certifiers are empowered to set their own prices for their services pertaining to trail certification which include scouting, mapping and documenting trails, performing trail assessments, making recommendations to land managers for trail improvements and forest therapy self-guided invitations, and acting as a liaison between land managers and the ANFT office. Trail certifiers should expect to earn between $1000-$1500 USD for their services for each trail certified. To learn more about the trail certification program or the trail certifier training, please contact Ben Page, the Director of Training, at

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- Form-test that collects guides answers after watching video verifying that they are ready and understand