Scholarship Application

for the Forest Therapy Guide training program
Scholarship Policies

1. We offer up to two scholarships per training cohort. These are partial scholarships that reduce the total cost of the training program. 

2. The deadline to apply for a scholarship is no later than two months before the program begins. At this point all scholarship applications will be reviewed and applicants will be notified by the end of the following week, approximately 6-7 weeks before the program begins.

3. Applicants may apply for a scholarship only after submitting a regular application and receiving a notice of acceptance into the program.  

4. It is customary for scholarship applicants to confirm their enrollment in the program by paying the deposit to reserve their spot within 14 days of the original acceptance. If an applicant does not confirm their enrollment by paying the deposit, there is no guarantee that the spot will be reserved.

5. If your participation in the program is contingent on being awarded a scholarship, and the scholarship is not awarded, please let us know no later than 40 days before the program start date. We will reimburse the full deposit and any tuition paid, as long as we are notified within that timeline. After that, our regular policies will apply: deposits become non-refundable and any additional tuition paid can be refunded up to 30 days prior to the program. Please refer to our general Payment Options and Policies page for more details. 

6. If the applicant's original application was not contingent on a scholarship award from the original application, or the deposit is a roll- over from another training, the above refund policy does not apply. Please refer to our general Payment Options and Policies page for the general policies that apply.

​7. Once an applicant is awarded and accepts a scholarship, all standard payment, refund and cancellation policies apply. This includes paying the tuition in full one month before the training. Please refer to our Payment Options and Policies page for more details. Upon confirmation of enrollment, further discussion of payment plans can be explored.

II. Application Review

When we review your application, we look for three main things: (1) do you have a track record that inspires confidence that you will successfully implement this practice? (2) is there a particular community that you have a demonstrated leadership within, that might be under-served by our program and that you will be serving? and (3) you can demonstrate that your need is such that you would not otherwise be able to participate?

We encourage you to first write your responses on a word processor and save them, then copy them into the fields below. This is both to support you in your writing process, and also to protect against losing your hard work in the event of a computer freeze or problems with form submission.

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