Payment, Refund & Transfer Policies


Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT)

COVID-19 Training Tuition Refund and Transfer Policy  
for Registered Guide Training Participants as of April 30, 2020

This policy supersedes any previous tuition refund and transfer policy.

Please note that due to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic, ANFT will no longer be issuing refunds for tuition for any of our 2020 scheduled trainings. However, we are redesigning our training and certification program to incorporate a variety of improvements. The new program, to be launched in June, will make it possible to complete the training regardless of travel and other restrictions imposed by global pandemic and other issues that may arise. You will be able to participate in a much more flexible way than previously. The new design will also allow many participants to significantly reduce travel and lodging costs related to the training.

We're eagerly looking forward to announcing the new approach soon! We are optimistic that you will be completely happy with the quality and value of the training experience.

If you have paid in advance for lodging and/or food at a training that we cancel, we will refund that amount. This will be automatically done; it is not necessary for you to request it.

We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we navigate this evolving situation. We are committed to keeping our training participants and team members safe and well-informed, and we will continue doing everything we can to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

During this time when work and activities are limited, we invite you to spend time in nature, even if it is your own yard, to reconnect to nature and to yourself. We invite you to receive this time as a gift; in our repose, what inward journeys may unfold? Perhaps this time is an opportunity to listen to our own hearts, to remember how much we want to be alive, and to contemplate the love that binds us all together. Plant, animal, rock, sky, river, ocean, human, virus, the weak among us and the strong, the visible and the invisible. In times of fear, it can be easy to forget our connectedness, to recoil from the world in an attempt to numb ourselves. These are the times when Forest Therapy is needed most. Thank you for reaching towards connection; at this time, the world needs Forest Therapy guides more than ever, and we hope to see you on a training soon, when the time is right and the place is safe.

Policy prior to COVID-19

The policies below are no longer valid. We are providing them for reference. We will reinstate them or other refund policies as possible; much depends upon the pandemic situation and other crises affecting our beautiful planet. Meanwhile, we are in an exciting redesign process that will make our acclaimed Forest Therapy Guide Certification program available even in restricted circumstances.

Payment, Refund, and Transfer Policy

Welcome to the community of forest therapy guides! If you have confirmed your enrollment in a Forest Therapy Guide training program by making a payment, then please read the following for additional information.

Payment Policies

Tuition Refund & Transfer Policy

We understand that plans and life circumstances change. Our aim is to be fair and supportive when these changes lead to a cancellation or transfer request. However, it is also important that we consider how this cancellation or transfer impacts our ability to fill a course. If the training has a waiting list, people may not be able to rearrange their plans with limited notice or afford ancillary costs such as higher air fare. This can leave us with a course that is only partially filled, which represents a financial loss to ANFT.  

If you feel you may want to transfer or cancel your registration, but are not sure, we encourage you to find clarity earlier rather than later. This will help you get the maximum refund, help us to accommodate your transfer request, and help us to fill our courses.

Please be aware that a a maximum of one transfer is permitted per the policies below. All transfers are subject to availability of enrollment capacity. We encourage you to find a training that you would like to transfer to when notifying us of your change in plans. This is called an Immediate Transfer and will reduce any administrative fees.

Lodging & Catering Refund Policy

Each training has a unique agreement with the venue which makes it difficult for us to establish a refund policy that works for all situations. Please understand that it is our intention to refund you any money that we receive from the venue due to your cancellation.

Program Cancellation Policy

Be advised that programs may be cancelled 60 days prior to the program if the minimum number of confirmed registrations has not been reached. This has never occurred; however, please consider this possibility when purchasing airfare. If this does occur, full tuition refunds will be issued or applied to another program if you prefer.​​ ANFT accepts no responsibility for refunding non-tuition costs paid to third parties, such as air fare.