Payment Options and Policies

for the Forest Therapy Guide Training
Welcome to the movement! Your journey is about to begin. If you have just been accepted into the training program, please complete the following steps in order to secure your spot in the training:

1. Read our payment policies carefully
2. Make a deposit payment below, via PayPal, check, or money order
3. Fill out the Health Questionnaire

If you've already paid your deposit and want to make a tuition payment, please click here.

Payment Policies
•  Tuition for all Forest Therapy Guide Training events is $3,410 USD, regardless of location. Tuition does not include room and board. Please see your selected location for details on accommodations and transportation.

•  For Forest Therapy Guide Training, a $500 USD deposit is due within 14 days of acceptance to confirm your enrollment and hold your place in the training

Full tuition payment is due no later than one full month prior to the event

Once you have made your deposit, you will be contacted to discuss payment options for the remaining tuition balance and come to a payment agreement. 

Payment plans begin the month following deposit payments or immediately depending on the time frame before the start of the training

Those who choose to make a lump-sum payment in full, rather than using a payment plan, are required to make payment within three (3) months after the deposit payment is paid or one month before the start of the program.
Refund Policy
The deposit is non-refundable.

You may request a refund of any amount paid over the deposit up to 30 days prior to the event.

Refunds requested of lodging venues are subject to their refund policies. 
Program Cancellation Policy
Be advised that programs may be cancelled 60 days prior to the program if the minimum number of confirmed registrations has not been reached. This has never occurred. However, please consider this possibility when purchasing airfare. If this does occur, full refunds including deposits will be issued or applied to another program if you prefer.​​

Pay via PayPal
Please be sure to enter the name of the participant as stated on the application.​
Choose Payment
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Enter name of participant
If you have already made your deposit, please do not use PayPal to make tuition payments. See below for details.
Pay via Check
Please make checks payable to . Include your name and which program you are paying for.

Mail to:
Association of Nature and Forest Therapy
P.O. Box 1764​
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Please notify us when you mail a payment by emailing

If you are paying with a check from a non-US bank, please write USD. after the written amount and the figure.
Finished making your deposit? Please proceed to the Health Questionnaire:

Making Your Tuition Payments After Your Deposit is Paid
After you have made your $500 deposit payment, our Account Manager will contact you via email within 1 week to determine your preferred method of payment for the tuition, and to arrange a payment plan. We prefer that payment plans are arranged within two weeks of submitting your deposit.

If you have already paid your deposit and would like to make a payment toward your tuition, we have several payment method options:
Money Order
Wireless Transfer

In order to keep costs low, we do not accept tuition payments via PayPal beyond the deposit payment.

All payments are due by the 15th of each month. Please keep this in mind, as post / processing time varies by payment option.

Please make checks payable to Forest Therapy International.
If you are using a non-US bank, please write "USD" after both the numerical figure and the written dollar amount.
Please email each time you send a check to ensure it goes into your file.

Money Orders
Please email each time you send a money order to ensure it goes into your file.

Wireless Transfers
If you choose to pay via wire transfer, please contact for the banking information.
Domestic wire transfers can take a many as 7 business days to land in our accounts, and international wire transfers can take as many as 3 weeks. Please keep this in mind when considering your payment's due date.

Mail to:
Forest Therapy International
P.O. Box 1764
Santa Rosa, CA 95402