Guide Membership Renewal Form

Renewing your Guide Membership requires two steps: completing the below form, and making a payment to FTI. Please click the "Continue to Payments" button only after you have completed this form. If you submit a payment without a form, we will not be able to process your renewal properly.
Step 1: complete the form
Please fill out the Renewal Form and be aware that it is divided into two sections: The first section is for information you want displayed to the public. The second section is for information that will be kept internally by FTI and will not be shared with anyone.
Step 2: make a payment to FTI
You can use the form below to submit a PayPal payment, or you can send a check or money order to:

Forest Therapy Institute
P.O. Box 1764
​Santa Rosa, CA 95402

If you are paying with a check from a non-U.S. bank, please write "USD" after the numerical figure and the written amount.