Carolynne Crawley
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Carolynne Crawley is a Mi'kmaw woman with mixed ancestry from the East Coast. She is dedicated to social and environmental justice and supporting Indigenous led community work related to food sovereignty and food security.  Carolynne has worked with one of Canada’s largest food security organizations for the past decade.  She was the Indigenous Food Access Manager.  During her time as the IFA Manager, she worked with remote communities along the James Bay to support the increase of access to affordable and healthy foods, developed a cross cultural youth program focusing upon the Indigenous way of being in relationship with land, and organized a province wide Indigenous Food Sovereignty Gathering that included ceremonies and networking opportunities.  In a previous role, she built school food gardens, created and facilitated curriculum -linked food literacy programs for both students and teachers.

Carolynne is passionate about connecting people with the land, themselves, and with each other.  She leads workshops in relationship building to develop and strengthen  healthy, reciprocal relationships based upon Indigenous teachings that decolonize existing interactions with the land.   She is also a Forest Therapy Trainer and Mentor.  She leads trainings world-wide.  She is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  On occasion she offers workshops focusing upon healthy eating on a budget.  Previously, Carolynne has worked, as a Child & Youth Worker for two decades supporting people with developmental and mental health needs.

Carolynne is in the process of launching her new business, in early 2019, Msit Nokmaq which translates to All of My Relations in Mi’kmaw.  She has had the pleasure of working with universities and colleges to create opportunities for students to deepen their understanding of food security and food sovereignty, along with connecting with the land.  Currently, Carolynne works as an Independent Contractor, Consultant, and Public Speaker.

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