Sara Ahmadi
Santa Rosa, California

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Sara holds a B.A. in Human Services from the California State University of Fullerton and has extensive experience in guiding and supporting others to achieve the goals and quality of life they strive for.  Sara has years of experience in student services, counseling, teaching and career placement which have afforded her the pleasure of assisting hundreds of students throughout their educations, state certification processes and beyond. Her years of experience with business operations and financial management has also enabled her to provide this crucial guidance to those working towards their personal and professional ideals. Sara has also trained as a forest therapy guide, is a state certified massage therapist and an advocate for holistic healing, human connection and our inherent responsibility to protect and nourish our natural resources and environments. Her ambitions are that her life’s work will make a positive impact on the world and to help others live healthy, happy lives. Sara is a lover of nature and holds the conviction that this connection is necessary to her well-being as well as all others and so supports in the development and vision of the association. When not nurturing these connections at the home office she is likely off frolicking in the wild. To contact Sara, email

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