Selecting a Trail and Trail Assessment

Forest Therapy is a highly adaptable practice. Walks can take place in a wide variety of settings including parks, botanical gardens, arboreta, gardens, forests, beaches, deserts, and other natural environments. The most important criterion is that the guide feels connected to the place. After all, it’s their partner in the work. The other, perhaps more obvious necessity, is that the location  is safe. Since Forest Therapy walks tend to give participants a fair amount of time to wander solo, it is imperative that guides choose a place that is safe.  

Forest Therapy can be done any place where people and the rest of nature meet

The following set of criteria is adapted from our trail certification program and can be a useful framework for evaluating trails. Before beginning, know that there is no such thing as the perfect trail. Every trail has its challenges, and that is part of learning to work in partnership with a place. (Information on the ANFT Trail Certification program can be found on the guide Member Gateway.)