Appendix D: A Library of Email Templates for Before and After Walks

Draft 1 - Welcome Email – All Weather

Hi everyone!

I'm looking forward to leading you all on our upcoming forest therapy walk. We will be starting at 9am and will be finished by 12pm. We will meet at the (location). Please try to arrive by 8:45am so we can get started right at 9am. The forest will have many surprises for us as we explore.

Allergies, health and mobility: Please let me know about any mobility, allergy or health issues you have that might come into play before our walk either by emailing me at or before we begin our walk. Creating a safe walk for us all is my priority.

A leisurely walk of about a mile on some of the trails with stops along the way where we will gather and sit. A well-maintained, porta-jon bathroom is available in the parking lot. We will focus on our senses to develop an immediate connection with the forest. This is a very relaxed way of walking. The walk will last three hours and we will finish with tea and a small snack. Please check the weather forecast so you are prepared and see the suggestions below for different types of weather.

Please bring water and a snack if you wish. Wear comfortable clothing and good shoes for walking on trails. You may also want to have an extra layer, gloves, warm hat, sunhat, sunblock and bug repellent. Bring anything else you may want to be comfortable outdoors and possibly sitting on the ground. I will have light-weight portable stools that you may use if you so choose. We’ll be moving slowly so bringing one more layer than you think you’ll need is a good idea.

Rainy Weather:

The walk will still be on if it's raining, unless it is a violent storm or prolonged downpour. If it is raining it's important to have a waterproof shell including pants, and many people bring umbrellas also.  Rain often enhances sensory experience and makes for some of our most memorable walks. If we need to take cover during a thunderstorm we will head into the visitor center but if it’s not thundering, we will just stay outside. Please wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers to stay warm and dry.

Hot Weather:

We will try to stay mostly in the shade but will be in the sun part of the time. Please bring water to stay hydrated. Other things to consider are a sunhat, sunblock and bug spray.

Cold Weather:

Please wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers to stay warm. Bring water or a thermos with a hot drink. I suggest you bring one more warm layer than you think you will need. We will be moving at a leisurely pace so temperatures may feel cooler than you expect. Bring anything else you may want to be warm and comfortable outdoors (gloves, hat, neck warmer, etc.). Again, think in terms of wearing one more layer than you think you’ll need.
If you have any questions or need to contact me before the walk tomorrow, please call or text me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Please let me know if you are running late.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow,

Bare Bones of a Welcome Email

  • Your contact information
  • Time and meeting place
  • If there are bathrooms
  • Request to share health or mobility details
  • What to bring
  • What to expect

Bare Bones of a Follow Up Email

  • Thank you for taking the time to attend
  • Share links to any resources you said you would send
  • Share links to any resources you wish to share
  • The ANFT website
  • The ANFT Science page if people are interested in research
  • Links to any books you recommend, etc.
  • Perhaps a reminder to do a tick check
  • A call to action to attend future programs you are offering
  • Perhaps share a photo of tea if the group requested it