This manual was developed with the wisdom of so many teachers and friends, both human and More-Than-Human. I want to begin by acknowledging M. Amos Clifford, whose groundbreaking work in shaping Forest Therapy practice and training pedagogy is a continual inspiration for myself and hundreds (and soon to be thousands) of guides.  Much of the inspiration for this manual and its contents derives from Amos’ original vision of Forest Therapy. It has been a deeply humbling experience to witness this model of Forest Therapy successfully introduced to communities around the world, and to notice how it has become foundational in the global development of new schools of thought and practice.

I want to particularly acknowledge Nadine Mazzola, who has been an important contributor, helping to bring the thoughts and concepts of this manual together in an accessible way.

I would also like to thank all the trainers, mentors, and guides who have worked selflessly to develop this content and to teach it to so many. It is incredible the extent to which this community of guides, as it grows, becomes a strong source of learning in my own process.

There are also many unsung heroes at work to make the Association the incredible organization that it is. To all the administrators and leadership, I offer you a deep bow of gratitude.  

I also must thank every single guide whom I have trained and mentored and had the pleasure to work in collaboration with. Many of you probably don’t even realize how much you have taught me in our work together.  

To my mentor in the Way of Council, Jack Zimmerman, I thank you for helping me reach an embodied understanding of how to honor all stories and perceive the wisdom at the center of the circle.  

And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank all the forests, deserts, mountains, oceans, rivers, the sky, plants, animals, rocks,soils, clouds, winds, and all beings I am privileged to share space with on this planet. I consider you my greatest teachers of all.  

Ben ‘Crow’ Page, Director of Training, ANFT
Joshua Tree, January 2020

2020 Trainer-Mentor Summit, Joshua Tree, CA