Liminality and the Active Imagination in Forest Therapy

Jouvence Lodge in Winter

07 June 2017-11 June 2017
La Fageda Parc Natural
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ANFT's Model of Forest Therapy is Founded on the Way of the Guide, which is deeply rooted in the insights of Carl Jung.

Much of the power of forest therapy is a result of how effectively it separates us from the ordinary experiences of our day-to-day lives, and reconnects us to the elemental realities of nature, experienced directly through our senses and imaginations. When we are in the forest on a skillfully guided journey, for a few hours we are in between experiencing in ways that are culturally "normal." This in-between state is called "liminality."

Carl Jung showed how liminal times have particular potency for supporting our journeys to authentic selfhood. They are an opportunity to look into the mirror of nature, which offers clear reflections undistorted by social pressures and expectations. The freedom to connect with our authentic selves is the foundation of well-being.  This essential growth process is called "individuation."

In this workshop, participants explore the dimensions of liminality with special focus on how forests interact with the active imagination and support the individuation process.  Using expressive arts, making mandalas and other expressions from natural materials found in the forest, and supported by the techniques of forest therapy, we journey into our own mythic landscapes.

Who this workshop is for

  • Psychotherapists who are interested in ecotherapy
  • Forest therapy guides who are seeking to deepen their understanding of the Way of the Guide
  • Wilderness guides and naturalists who want to understand some of the deep psychological processes affecting people in nature
  • Artists who work in natural settings

About the Venue:

La Fageda Parc Natural

About the Venue:

La Fageda Parc Natural

Training staff are not yet assigned to this event. Our staff are the most experienced forest therapy trainers in the world.  You may be confident that we will provide an excellent staff team.