Jouvence Lodge in Winter
Gathering of Guides
Gathering of Guides in Massachusetts
A Community gathering to connect, celebrate, exchange ideas, and encourage each other
11 November 2018

Nadine hosts, Amos will be in town, let's get together in Massachusetts!

Gatherings of guides are an important part of the work of ANFT. Often they are organized when a training or immersion team is in the area, and we invited all guides who are in the region at the time to attend. The agenda usually includes: an update on developments in ANFT and forest therapy in general; some council sharing time together; a casual walk in a forest or botanic garden; and a shared meal. On a longer gathering (1 to 3 days) there may be specific workshops offered, including "invitation clinics" given by guides in attendance. These gatherings are nurturing, connective, and informative.

All ANFT guides and trainees in practicum are welcome to attend.
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No Fee, Pay for you own meal

Training staff are not yet assigned to this event. Our staff are the most experienced forest therapy trainers in the world.  You may be confident that we will provide an excellent staff team.