Way of the Guide in Quebec
17 - 20 Jan 2019

In partnership with the more-than-human world, a guide accompanies and supports others on the journeys through which they find and manifest their medicines.

This three-day immersion will be an in-depth exploration of the main themes of The Way of the Guide, as developed by M. Amos Clifford and taught by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs. Our exploration will include looking at the Guide archetype in relationship to archetypes of place and process. We will also learn the differences between the archetypes of Guide, Mentor, and Healer, and how those three work together to support people on their journeys toward wholeness and authenticity.
The Way of the Guide is also about supporting people as they approach and then break through the ways in which they are tamed by the trances of culture, trauma, patriarchy and other influences. We will experience how boundaries become edges at the thresholds of liminal experiences, and how the journey through liminatity can help to expand our sense what is possible in our lives.

The story of "four medicines" is another essential element in the Way of the Guide. Participants in this immersion will dive into the teachings of the four medicines, and how these medicines have developed, and continue develop in our lives.

The Council of Waters and Trees is a Forest Therapy Immersion that incorporates Restorative Practices to heal our relationships with nature. In this four-day program, we enter the liminal space of renewed possibility for deepening our connection with the more-than-human world through Forest Therapy and The Way of Council.​

This workshop will be guided by FTI founder M. Amos Clifford. It weaves together the strands of Forest Therapy, Restorative Dialogue, and Council into a powerful practice for deepening connection to nature, others, and self.

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