Forest Therapy Guide Training

North Carolina - Cohort 26

A rare opportunity to wander the deep Appalachian forests...

Weeklong Intensive 16 - 24 Jun 2018 | Practicum Ends 24 Dec 2018

The North Carolina training will take place at the Kana'ti Lodge in Hot Springs, deep in the mountains of Southern Appalachia along the Tennessee border. The photo above shows why this area is called the "Blue Ridge." Forest mists permeate the valleys and create a beautiful, soft light that creates a mystical ambiance across the landscape. The photo above was taken from the Appalachian Trail adjacent to the land where Kana'ti Lodge stands. Our guide trainings at this site combine the experiences of guiding in forest environments and on the grounds of a small permaculture farm that typifies the "satoyama" sensibility of place, where mountain and cultivated land overlap.

What is Certified Forest Therapy Guide Training?

This six-month training begins with a week-long immersion, which is followed by a field practicum consisting of a series of structured assignments completed over a series of six months. During the practicum trainees are supported by mentoring via phone or Skype and by monthly group conference calls with other participants in their cohort. Completion of a detailed curriculum is required for certification as a Certified Forest Therapy Guide (CFTG).

The Association's Forest Therapy Guide training draws on the latest medical research, new developments in the field of nature connection, and ancient traditions of mindfulness and wellness promotion. In this training you will learn skills that are applicable in any forest ecosystem or bioregion. They can be adapted to other natural settings besides forests, and are also effective in human-built environments such as city parks and botanic gardens. They can be readily integrated with health promotion, psychotherapy, social work, recreation, nature education, employee wellness programs, conservation efforts and many other specialties.

About the Training Location
Kana'ti Lodge, Blue Ridge Mountains North Carolina
North Carolina, USA

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Your Trainers for This Event

Carolynne Crawley

Carolynne lives in Toronto, Canada, where she pursues her lifetime commitment to social and environmental justice. She is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide who brings many years of deep nature connection training to her practice. Her perspective is informed by  her own indigenous heritage.

Nadine Mazzola

Nadine is a Certified Forest Therapy Guide through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs. Her training includes special knowledge in guiding people of all ages in Shinrin-Yoku, "Forest Bathing," Walks and the body of scientific knowledge demonstrating the benefits of spending time in nature as a wellness practice and an effective way to manage stress. As a cancer survivor, practicing good self-care is Nadine's most important guiding principle for herself. She has come to know the healing and support that nature can offer us through her own personal wellness journey. A Massachusetts native who loves spending time wandering in and exploring nature, she is joyous to be sharing Forest Bathing with the community and creating environments for Forest Therapy.

Michelle Hickey

Michelle is the co-founder of The Resiliency Institute, a nonprofit organization in Naperville, IL that empowers people to live, grow and build resilient lives, landscapes and communities. We offer year long courses, Nature Rx events which include a variety of forest therapy/Shinrin-yoku walks, and we grow food security throughout communities. Michelle recently moved to Asheville, NC and is in the process of establishing a forest therapy program there.