Forest Therapy Guide Training


Florida - Cohort 20

Jouvence Lodge in Winter

Weeklong Intensive Mar 24-31 | Practicum Ends Sept. 30, 2018
The Griffin Ranch Florida
Fort McCoy, Florida
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About the Venue:

The Griffin Ranch Florida

Entering The Griffin Ranch you encounter an era of a classic, old Florida ranch life: a world capturing the romance and elegance of a by-gone era. The Ranch is set on 30 acres filled with ponds, pastures and wooded areas. It features guest cottages and cabins with antique interiors in a timeless unhurried atmosphere. We are thrilled to welcome guests to our Ranch who are seeking an escape from a daily routine to share in an experience that enables one to enjoy close encounters with farm and Florida wildlife, Such as black bear, deer, red tail hawks, sandhill cranes, gators, and more. At sunset, you can sit by the grassy pond and experience life as described by legendary authors and philosophers such as Walden, Thoreau, and Rawlings.

The Griffin Ranch is one of the most strategically positioned escapes in Florida, positioned west of the National Forest and north of Silver Springs. Our ranch provides a destination that is essential to experiencing Florida. An area that is a favorite among many enthusiasts for its scenic trails. It is a chosen destination for those who enjoy canoeing and Kayaking. The Ocklawaha River and the Juniper springs run are the two most scenic canoeing and kayaking destinations in the US. You could also enjoy our other activates like hiking in the forest, biking along a scenic highways, scuba diving in the local springs such as Devils Den or Blue Grotto Springs, Horseback riding along the 100 mile trail or just exploring many of the wildlife areas around the ranch. A new 4-wheeler park opened minutes just east of the ranch offering the off-road beauty of the area. You may also choose to take a day trip to a local spring for a cool dip or maybe a trip to the historical town of St. Augustine and the local beaches located within an hour drive.

Best of all, there is always the choice to relax on a wooden deck in a rocking chair while watching, the sun rise or the moon climb over the grassy ponds. You can rest on the cottage porch and enjoy some of the best foods in the southeast while tasting  a glass of fine wine from the ranch winery, over a conversation with new-found friends in a real life ranch setting, then and only then you’ll begin to appreciate what the Griffin Ranch has come to be famous for.



$75/night all inclusive.



Village Airport van: 352-241-2000 $50/person. Drop off point- Walmart, East Hwy 40. Transportation to and from Walmart is not an issue.



Vegetarian, gluten free, vegan options available.

About the Venue:

The Griffin Ranch Florida

Ronna Schneberger is a professional naturalist and hiking guide, speaker, coach and  yoga/ meditation teacher. She is an award-winning guide and Master Interpreter in the Canadian Mountain Parks. She is the first person in Alberta to guide the simple yet powerful Japanese practice of Shinrin Yoku. As faculty with Leadership Development at the Banff Centre, Ronna has been working with professionals and executives using nature as the teacher to create powerful reflections and transformation. She knows that when people feel connected to nature they become connected to themselves, others and everything else in their life becomes clear.

Lucy Heggenstaller is a Certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.  Lucy has been guiding her friends and strangers on nature walks for decades but recently formalized her training with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs.  She is found wandering the forests of Central Pennsylvania almost daily, usually in the company of her Retrievers, Tupelo Honey and Sirius.  She owns Dancing Bear Lodge, a vacation rental and venue in Clinton County.  (Look it up on Facebook or ) She hosts environmental education, creativity and wellness programs at her lodge.  She promotes outings for inner transformation on a MeetUp called Wild By Nature.