Annual Conference


1st Annual International Forest Therapy Conference and Congress

Jouvence Lodge in Winter

Enrollment Open

07-11 July 2019
Sonoma State University
Sonoma, CA, USA

An international gathering of guides, researchers, and activists for forest therapy and healing relationships between humans and the more-than-human world. It's both a conference and a congress. The conference will focus on exchanging information and methods, as well as building friendships. The congress will begin what we imagine will be a years-long process toward building a truly international consensus on what the practice of forest therapy is, what it can be, and what should be involved in training practitioners, as well as what questions are ripe for further research.

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A Global Gathering of Guides and Friends of the Forest

About the Venue:

Sonoma State University

A beautiful campus with comfortable conference rooms, expansive grounds featuring forests and a year-round stream.

Tuition and Continuing Education: 
Continuing Education Hours for ANFT-Certified Forest Therapy Guides:
Training staff are not yet assigned to this event. Our staff are the most experienced forest therapy trainers in the world.  You may be confident that we will provide an excellent staff team.