Nature and Forest Therapy Guides
Know the Land
Mar 27, 2020

Through my relationship to the land here in Southern California I saw and remembered my true nature. In the late fall of 2017, I went on a forest therapy walk and communicated more deeply with the non-human world than I can ever remember doing as an adult. My body was healing. I noticed that the stronger my relationship was with the land in my home of Los Angeles, the stronger my body became. I trusted my body again, and that trust allowed me to listen to my body’s relationship to the natural world.

To Know A Place: Blending Acceptance of What is in the Natural World with Stewardship of the Land on Which We Guide
Feb 18, 2020

During our graduation call, Nadine asked our group to envision our experience of becoming a guide like many droplets of water on a silver spider web, lit up by the sun. We were asked to choose one droplet to talk about but we all had So. Many. Droplets.

Catching an Invitation
Jan 27, 2020

Some people may wonder, "If I don't have a Guide, how can I take myself out on a Forest Therapy walk?" Forest Therapy Guide Nadine Mazzola gives us a glimpse of a first-hand experience of a self-guided walk. Nadine explores the invitation - 'Notice the Sparkles'- and shares a beautiful story of connecting to the Winter-beauty surrounding her. May Nadine's narrative inspire you to step outside this winter. Happy walking!

Borrowing the Forest: Nature Walks on Native Lands
Dec 5, 2019

How do we reconcile the fact that in the United States, most of the wilderness we enjoy for recreation once belonged to communities of Indigenous people? This week, author Felix Blackwell considers the duality of natural landscapes as both a site of pleasure and of pain. He describes his attachment for a particular forest, and reveals what he discovered about its past.

An Invitation to Make Art in The Forest
Sep 3, 2019

Making art has the power to clear our minds and make room for a creative and healing process. The beautiful thing about connecting to nature this way is that there are no lines to stay inside and your expression can flow freely in harmony with the world around us. Read more as Nature and Forest Therapy Guide and artist,​ Brenda Spitzer, teaches us an invitation she uses on forest therapy walks.

The ANFT Way of Forest Therapy
Jul 31, 2019

We hold the story that the world is sentient, and that it wants to be in right relationship with humans. The poet Mary Oliver speaks of this in her deeply inspiring poem "Wild Geese:" "the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the Wild Geese, harsh and exciting, over and over announcing your place in the family of things."

Nature Meditation: 6 Reasons Why It Matters
Jun 20, 2019

When we engage mindful consciousness in nature, we come alive to essential aspects of our being. Here, we become aware of sanctuary – a space where we are cared-for, nourished, protected, and, most importantly for our growth, challenged.